1. The grind.


  2. "Truth is, if I could be with anyone, I’d still be with you."

    (Source: picsandquotes, via vodkacupcakes)


  3. "You’ve seen him leaning on the streetlight
    Listening to some song inside
    You’ve seen him standing by the highway
    Trying to hitch a ride
    Well, they tried so hard to hold him
    Heaven knows how hard they tried
    But he’s made up his mind
    He’s the restless kind
    He’s the wild"
  4. Drowning in comfort.

  5. Thailand.

  6. Brad Elterman brings gifts.

  7. LA summer.

  8. The jungle.


  9. "you’re the poet in my heart, never change and don’t you ever stop"
    — fleetwood mac (via nataschaelisa)
  10. In-between homes.

  11. LA nights.

  12. Remüv hate. 

  13. Spaghetti roads. 

  14. On the road.